Larktale is the brainchild of parents who have experienced the joys of bringing up children. Our team has developed a keen eye for innovative products that look good, solve problems and make life easier. Our strategy of being different and better works across our entire design, development and manufacturing process. With an insatiable passion for product, innate attention to detail and the desire to help parents and caregivers have a great time, our dedicated team has focused on creating a range of strollers and stroller accessories that are safe, easy to use, look great and make people smile. The brand’s spirit is embodied in our name:

Lark: something done for fun, especially something mischievous or daring; an amusing adventure or escapade.

Tale: an exciting or dramatic story.

Larktale: helping create fun stories.


We began our journey in 2012, talking to parents about their strollers. We were told they wanted their stroller to look great, and be highly maneuverable, strong, and lightweight. They wanted design features that made a big difference to their lives. It was also very clear that everyone wants their folded stroller to take up less space.


During the three-year design and development stage we identified the features of strollers that mattered most to parents and ensured that we manufactured to meet and/or exceed the stringent global safety standard. Every element of our products have been individually crafted with relentless attention to detail. The result of this journey is a distinctive, world-class stroller.

The funky chit chat stroller has our unique Spaceframe which folds down small, is light to carry, and is super strong.


We focus on an inspirational, easy-going lifestyle, helpings us focus on small things that make a big difference. Larktale products empower parents to go out in the world and create  unforgettable stories.

Larktale is an innovative brand of strollers and stroller accessories that truly Fits your World.