Frequently Asked Questions​

Can I use safely with a newborn? Our Chit Chat+ stroller has a full flat recline angle that is suitable for a newborn. We can offer a full flat recline due to the included newborn foot barrier. This feature encloses the seat on all four sides so you can safely lay your baby in the seat, as you would a carry cot or bassinet.

What is the weight capacity of your stroller? The chit chat plusstroller is safety tested to a weight capacity of 25kg.

How old should my baby be before they can sit in the upright seat of their stroller? Your baby should be able to sit up and hold their head up on their own before they can be safety seated in an upright seat of the stroller – generally this at about 6 months old. Until this milestone, your baby should stay in the full-flat position.

I want to buy online, how do I know if my baby will fit in the seat of the stroller? The best way to determine fit is to measure the head height of your child. This is the measurement from the top of their head to the tip of their tailbone. Your child’s head height should be less than56cm /22inches to fit comfortably in the stroller.

How do I clean my stroller seat? Our stroller seats can be wiped clean using a damp cloth or baby wipe. For larger spills, the seat can be detached from the frame of the stroller and washed in cold water on the delicate cycle of your washing machine. The fabric should be attached to the stroller to dry. To prevent shrinkage, do not place the stroller fabric in the dryer or air-dry off the stroller frame.

Will your strollers fit in the overhead bin on an airplane? Our strollers cannot be taken onto the airplane, however they can be gate checked.

Are your strollers safe? Yes, the safety of your little one is most important at Larktale! We test and retest our products to ensure that all our current strollers either meet or exceed all global safety testing standards.

Can I use a buggy board with your strollers? Yes! Our strollers are perfectly safe to use with a buggy board.

What is your warranty? Larktale offers a 2-year warranty on strollers and 1-year warranty on parts and accessories for all products sold after August 2020. When calling in a warranty claim, please have your item number, serial number, manufacturer date stamp and proof of purchase on hand to expedite the process.

What is the warranty if I purchased my stroller outside of the UK? The warranty of your product is covered by the country in which you purchased it. If you purchased your product from a UK retailer while living in another country, you will be responsible for any international shipping charges that may incur to fulfill a warranty claim.