Safety Matters!

It is fundamental to Larktale that we design, develop and manufacture products which are safe for consumers to use. Larktale sees this as paramount responsibility beyond any other design or development criteria. We achieve this by understanding, assessing and controlling the design and development stage and maintaining strict quality control procedures within the manufacturing process including an independent quality assurance and control team. Furthermore, Larktale continuously reviews its product safety in relation to new global standards and recommendations to ensure we are meeting and/or exceeding regulations on all points.

Larktale rigorously test its products at certified independent testing facilities to ensure the strictest conformity to global safety standards. Safety standards and testing methods vary around the globe and we meet and/or exceed the toughest global safety standards including:

United Kingdom BS EN 1888 2012, FR test BS 5852 Part2:1982 Crib Test (FR fabrics available for U.K. sold models only)
European EN1888-2012, EN 71-3 (toxicity testing)
USA ASTM F833-13b
Australia/New Zealand AS/NZS 2088:2013, AS/NZS 2088:2000 + CPN #8 of 2007, AS/NZS ISO 8124-3:2012 (toxicity testing)
China GB 14748-2006

Additional safety standard certification: UVR Transmission Of Dry Textile AATCC 183-2014, UVR Transmission Of Dry Textile AS/NZS 4399-1996, Appendix A, Protection Against Solar UVR BS 8466:2006 (UPF rating tests).

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