When speaking to parents and caregivers, the key feature to make their lives easier comes down to how their stroller folds. Is it easy to fold? How small does it fold? Will it fit in my car? Is it easy to carry when folded? Therefore our team of Larktale engineers focus on developing unique and thoughtful patented folds for each of our strollers to help solve these age-old questions. Let us show you the magic of it all and Welcome to the Fold!

We took over three years of development and testing to create our SpaceFrame™ Technology with a patented fold/lock mechanism and international design registration. The SpaceFrame™ folds flat swiftly and compactly and by using recyclable fiber infused nylon as our frame material, we were able to make the chit chat+ unbelievably light. With its ergonomic design, this everyday stroller looks amazing, is super strong, has a small, compact fold, is lightweight and easy to carry. Our SpaceFrame™ Technology is available on the chit chat+ stroller.